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Grandmaster Y.K. Kim
Martial Arts World
1630 East Colonial Dr, Orlando, Florida 32803 (USA)

Y. K. Kim Day proclaimed in Central Florida for his outstanding public service

Y. K. Kim receives Jefferson Award for helping unfortunate children

Real Life Stories

I had anger in my heart and I lost many close relationships. I got rid of my mental fat with the 5 kinds of fitness, it changed my life. Now I have control of my emotions. For example, if someone gives me the finger on the road, I give back five fingers with big smile. Now I am proud to say that all of my relationships are positive.
-Danny Vega

I came to this country with nothing. At first, I suffered from constant financial worries. The 5 kinds of fitness is a revolutionary system which led me to my success. Thanks to Y.K. Kim, I built my own multi - million dollar business and have achieved the New American Dream. I know that if you use the 5 kinds of fitness, you will build your own financial power.
-Alex Broumand

I was a real big troublemaker. I was fighting with my mom all the time. My grades were slipping and I started to feel like a failure and got more and more depressed. When I discovered the 5 kinds of fitness I learned how to love myself and make the most out of my life. I am so grateful! Now I'm a straight student.. Thanks to my mom and Y.K. Kim.. I feel I can do anything I set my mind to.
-Brandon Vega

I was becoming a desperate housewife - worried about my weight and depressed at my prospects for the future. The 5 kinds of fitness changed my life. I lost 20 pounds, I run my own business, and spend quality time with my husband and children. I am truly living the New American Dream of health, wealth, and success! I am so glad Y.K. Kim created the new American dream.
-Kathy Hubley

I never saved a penny, and I've lived my whole life in debt. The 5 Kinds of fitness have empowered me to erase my debt and save enough money to pursue my dream of going back to college. I lost 125 pounds and gained a lot of confidence. The New American Dream has enabled me to live my life on a whole new level! Thanks to Y.K. Kim.-Ardith Dell

My Back pain had devastated my life. I couldn't even move. my neurosurgeon told me that there was no way out except surgery. U.S. National Exercise has done what the doctors said only surgery could do. I am now totally free from back pain, (smiles) it is unbelievable. The best part is that U.S. National Exercise is so easy and fun to do. I love it. Thanks to Y.K. Kim.
-Larry Fallucca

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Y. K. Kim named Honorary Deputy Sheriff fighting against drugs

Y. K. Kim named Ambassador at Large for promotion of the City of Orlando

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