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DVD: Summary of U.S. National Exercise

U.S National exercise is a new concept for exercise designed for you. You can exercise to get in shape without any extra time, any equipment or extra space; all you need is your body.

You can practice anytime and anywhere: at work, at home or even while driving. It's easy and fun!

There are more than 10 trillion cells in the human body. Each cell has the ability to create energy like nuclear power. If you don't exercise your cells will be obsolete and weak; if you exercise more your cells will be stronger, more flexible and will have more energy.

You have no reason to minimize your energy: to be weak or get sick all the time. You have every reason to maximize your energy in order to be healthier, stronger and happier.

DVD: U.S. National Exercise

Power Exercise

The 7 ways to get in shape without time or money

Special Features

Standing Exercise

Smiling Exercise

Weight Loss

Sitting Exercise

Breathing Exercise

Stress Buster

Lying Down Exercise

Driving Exercise

Prevent back pain

Partner Exercise

TV Exercise

Power Meditation


Office Exercise



Airplane Exercise


Walking Exercise


U.S. National Exercise will bust fat and get you in shape, bust stress and energize your life and bust back pain to maximize your body. If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you! If you don't, your body will get revenge on you. Take care of your body while you can.

U.S. National exercise will give you a mini-vacation to boost your energy everyday!

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